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About Us do not manufacture any products and we are mainly providing a valuable service for those patients who are willing to virtually register themselves to Yanhee International Hospital and receive the original products without traveling to the Yanhee International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. All Services which is offered by Yanhee Hospital DO NOT contain any illegal substances and are mainly composed of Thai herbs, alternative medicines, and metabolism enhancers. They are considered herbal supplements/dietary aides.

What started out as Yanhee Polyclinic in 1984 is today Yanhee International Hospital, a modern, ten-story building with 400 beds, serving 2,000 outpatients daily. The hospital is expanding rapidly: a 15-story addition opened in 2009, and another new building to house outpatient facilities was completed n 2012.

Yanhee employs 150 full-time doctors and 120 part-time health professionals, along with 800 nurses and other staff members. Its facilities include an intensive care unit, dialysis unit, nursery, emergency room, laboratory, and 95 examination rooms and delivery rooms.

Among its several specialties, Yanhee is especially well known for low-cost plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. Its Beauty Center offers services in dermatology, cosmetic surgery, treatment of varicose veins, and weight control, and encompasses a Snoring and Voice Change Center, Hair Center, and Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Center as well. All-inclusive package offerings cater to a range of preferences and budgets.

Aesthetic dentistry, laser dentistry, prosthetics, and oral surgery are provided at the hospital’s Dental Center. Treatments at the Naturopathic Center include acupuncture, colonic irrigation, and Thai traditional medicine.

Yanhee’s Web site lists prices in US dollar amounts for a large number of individual procedures and treatment packages.

First-time visitors might be surprised to see Yanhee orderlies dashing about on roller blades, medical documents, lab tests and other transportables around the busy facility.

Yanhee received its initial JCI accreditation in 2011 and was awarded reaccreditation in 2014.