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Why Yanhee

10 Reasons Why You Can Confidently Choose Yanhee 

1. High satisfaction rate among patients 

Nobody can argue against success. 75% of Yanhee’s international patients are either former patients or word-of-mouth referrals from previous patients. Repeat patient visits or personal endorsements of previous patients to other new patients is a good measure of patient satisfaction for Yanhee services. 

2. Highly experienced cosmetic surgeons 

Trained in the best medical institutions in Thailand, our doctors engage in continuing medical education through seminars, scientific meetings and conventions locally and abroad. Their years of practice and the thousands of patients and cases recorded in the variety of procedures set them to be among the most experienced in these fields. 

3. A center that specializes in HEALTH and BEAUTY 

Excellence in a chosen endeavor can be achieved by focusing on target specialties. As a general hospital, Yanhee employs its expertise in medicine by focusing on medical treatments for diseases as well as  beauty enhancements and plastic surgeries. 

4. “One-stop shop” for Health and Beauty 

Yanhee offers a complete menu of medical treatments of diseases as well as beauty enhancement options and plastic surgeries from head to toe, thus eliminating the inconvenience of moving from one hospital to another, for those intending to have medical conditions treated or want multiple cosmetic procedures done. 

5. Affordable, transparent rates 

Yanhee’s prices are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest in the region but definitely the patients are assured that they get the best for their money’s worth. As posted in the Yanhee websites, printed in brochures, and readily available upon any inquiry, Yanhee prices carry no hidden charges. 

6. Package pricing scheme is most ideal and convenient for medical travelers 

For most of Yanhee’s cosmetic procedures, package prices usually inclusive of doctor’s fees, medicines, room accommodation, nursing services, food, operating room and other fees are offered. This is very convenient especially for those who travel on a tight budget. 

7. Hospital staff with the Personal Touch 

Tender loving care and our staff’s personal touch is indeed a treat for our patients who undergo surgery in a foreign land, away from the comforts of home. 

8. Interpreter/translator services without extra fees 

Effective communication is essential especially in a hospital setting. To ensure this, the hospital provides free translator services using the different languages commonly used by foreign patients at Yanhee. 

9. English-speaking personnel at every counter and department 

Cognizant of English as a universal language, Yanhee provides coordinators and staff who fluently speak the language at strategic points in the hospital augmenting the services provided by the regular translators, thereby facilitating effective communication between patients and staff. 

10. Continuous pursuit for QUALITY according to the highest standards. 

Its maintenance of ISO Accreditation since the year 2000, Thai Hospital Accreditation (HA) and the US-based JCI Accreditation attest to the continual efforts to pursue excellence in quality and safety in patient care.